As the off spring of two artistic parents, whose work is in several museum collections, I was exposed to the visual arts as a child. As a young man I gravitated to the construction trades to satisfy my desire to produce physical and tangible work. However, when I first set foot in a real cabinet shop I knew this was my place. While I was intoxicated by the machinery and its mass and power, I was absolutely captivated by the concept to completion aspect of the work.


The fact that there was a craft, a history and a challenge to the work was all the more intriguing to me. I have found few things in life that are as satisfying to me as a project that has been brought forth from idea to installation successfully. This is why I am passionate about the work. This is why I am a cabinet maker. I have been building furniture and cabinets since 1975. I have been studying the craft, its design and history all of my adult life. There is still more to learn.


I am particularly influenced by the decorative and applied arts developed during the 70-year time frame from 1870 to 1940. For the arts, this was an extremely exciting period in the world.  New materials and technologies were being developed that allowed the birth of many new schools of design. The Orient was opened to Western trade and the designs and processes discovered there became a strong influence on the burgeoning schools of art and design in the West.


The Arts and Crafts movement in Europe and America as well as the impressionist school of painting are but a few examples of this influence. In addition, exciting new natural resources were coming from Africa, South America and the East that influenced architecture, furniture design and the decorative arts throughout Europe and the United States. I try in my designs and reflections to continue that era of creative thought. Not reproduce it, but carry it forward with unique designs, clever use of materials and deliberate focus on detail.


Thank you for visiting this site. Please view the WHAT page for examples of my work and the WHY page for a brief explanation of the value of custom cabinetry. If you have questions or would like to discuss a project please see the WHERE page for contact information. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Todd Snyder of Arbrea Design


 The Brotherhood of The Whisker

“Multi enim sunt pauci scalpere rasa”

Many are clawed, few are shaven.