A recurring question in the construction and design field is why do I need custom cabinetry? Why incur the extra expense when production run units will do? The simple answer is; it is not always necessary. However, many homes have unusual spaces where standard sizes will not work or a pre-made unit is not configured to suit the users need or perhaps the style is not appealing.


Production run cabinetry is limited to fixed dimensions, modular configurations and pre-determined material and finishes. This is where a true custom piece becomes an essential asset and if done correctly can enhance the value, beauty and practicality of a home.


This is what we do at Arbrea Design Studio. We can design cabinetry and furniture to meet your space, your needs, your style and budget. Additionally, we can do this with creativity, craftsmanship and care. We make everything here in the United States and everything is made by hand.


That is to say, we use machines to be sure (this is the twenty first century) but all our pieces travel through those machines by hand and are assembled by hand. It is the harmony of hand, eye and mind that is craftsmanship. All our pieces are a product of this union. We take pride in our original innovative designs. We do work with architects, designers and contractors to their specifications. We do not do reproductions.


It is important to note that making cabinets does not necessarily make one a cabinetmaker. There is more to the craft than just the final product. A quality cabinetmaker should be aware of the space (spatial relationships), attentive of the details and attuned to the craft of cabinetmaking. This includes knowledge and sensitivity of wood, its properties, value and availability (including its source). One should possess an extensive knowledge of the industry hardware its applications and costs. A love of numbers and a strong sense of organization do not hurt either.


It takes dedication, discipline, forethought and years of experience to make craftsmanship and that creates the quality we offer. These qualities cannot be purchased from a soulless big box store or mass produced in a foreign country. At Arbrea Design Studio we aim to produce the best product that your budget will allow. We do not scrimp on materials and we do not cut corners for profit. If a design change or an optional material can achieve a savings, we will offer that suggestion. We strive to create quality, beautiful and enduring pieces that you will enjoy for years to come.


Thank you for visiting this site. Please view the WHAT page for examples of our work. If you have questions or would like to discuss a project please see the WHERE page for contact information. Please call or email for a consultation. We welcome your consideration for any upcoming project, large or small. Allow us to show you how affordable true quality can be.